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Tiger Cub Radio Bub is back with another dose of relieving musical relief. We kick things off with PJ Harvey, and from there we go on to to Al Green, Half Moon Run, This Is The Kit, and MORE      

In this series, we look back on the last five years of College Collage and play tracks from albums and artists that we’d sort of forgotten about, despite the excellent quality of the music. Part 10 covers some of those artists from the letter S.

Feel lively with Tiger Cub Radio Bub. The Magic Numbers, The Walkmen, and Car Seat Headrest come flying a t  y o u r  e a r s.      

What even happened on this Tiger Cub Radio Bub? We listened to Ought, the Supremes, and Kristin Hersh and more.

This show originally aired the 9th of February, it is an Aural look inside ELEVENPDX MAG. Which is to say that I focused on artists featured in a copy of the magazine. Now on to some nonsensical inanity to fill up some space. Why am I using these posts to simply ramble on and on, and […]

  Long over due for this show, but we got you with new music and classic digs on this one. This one gots what you need for that easy sunday listening. → Photo by Beats 2 ~ Explore New Sounds ➫ Twitter: @beats2radio ➫ Facebook: Beats 2 ➫ ➫ YouTube: Beats 2   Artist Spotlight: The Code

Episode 50 of Mars Melted features tracks from Boogarins, The Warlocks, Art Tatum, and many more! Mars Melted is student powered rock n’ roll radio, broadcasting live every Thursday at 7pm PST only at

Summer is almost upon us….Groove through the grey here on Mars Melted. Episode 49 features tracks from Billie Holiday, Telegraph Avenue, Grateful Dead, and many more. Mars Melted is student powered rock n’ roll radio, broadcasting live every Thursday at 7pm pst, only on KPSU!

Tiger Cub Radio Bub is back with some June energy, selections from Sheer Mag, The Minders, Ladytron and MORE

Coming up on the show, Bruce Springsteen and other performers take a stand against a bill recently passed in North Carolina, Supreme Court justice nominee Merrick Garland’s contribution to students in Washington D.C., and Led Zeppelin finds their originality questioned once again in a court case surrounding one of their most famous songs.


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