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Posting the pilot show: Learning the ropes and playing the metals with Joe our KPSU programmer. Today we are playing hits from the 60’s to the ’10’s. Sit back and enjoy the metal.

BERFDAYS!!! So the blog post is an on-running ramble that I am continuing, started it  … I dunno 3 posts ago I think. I think. These two hours of Box of Chocolates were streamed this past Sunday. This post being hour 1 the 7-8 am time slot. Berfdays is a simple and straight forward show […]

It’s a Tiger Cub Radio Bub for whether you’re feeling run down or ready to start fighting back. Micachu and the Shapes, Townes Van Zandt, and the Mountain Goats share the spotlight with Hop Along, the Clash and more! Listen Here!  

6’s  I haven’t re-listened to this show, which originally streamed live on the 6th of March, and here it is April Fool’s day as I am typing this out. So I’m not at all sure as to what I might have been talking about on this day almost 4 weeks ago. There is something; that […]

i wash it out with soap

Like a lot of the country – I’m politically frustrated. Well, frustrated might be an understatement. And unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of constructive ways to express that anger, but I find these songs to be extremely helpful. I’m calling this Fighting Rose’s musical temper tantrum. (If anything good has come out of the current […]

The Producers – Martin Birch   Work, work, work, yes my job has interfered with my show yet again. This Tuesday’s 7AM broadcast (11/29/2016 in real time) will not happen, because work. Because I am still one who functions according to other’s time. I am yet to truly be the master of my own path. […]

This episode originally streamed over the interwebz LIVE on the tuesday morning represented by the 5th of May. This is the 12 entry into the Birds of a Feather show concept, and this show’s connective tissue was the breeding ground of amazing music that we know as Georgia. Georgia is known as the Peach State, […]

  DJ: Noah Puggarana Show: Mood Swings, Thursdays @1pm Hometown: Portland, OR   I hear you’re a native Portlander, which basically makes you a unicorn. How did growing up here shape you as a person? I grew up in the Alberta Arts district in northeast Portland. There’s so many quirky things about that place. I […]

One genre of music that seems to energize a group of music lovers is essential hard core rock n roll. The qualities of the electric guitar solos, hard hitting drums, and crazy vocals sets the stage for some head banging action. In this mix, Lilwami spins some legendary classical rock bands such as Queen, ACDC, […]


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