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This is me a younger version and going to college at COCC

This is a younger version and in college at COCC I didn’t start until 10:08 pm

  This me in my younger years and going to college at COCC

I Started this hour at 4:17 pm since the previous DJ didn’t realize it was after 4:)   This is me in my younger years

Thaw out the week’s freeze and cool off that shining cabin fever here on Mars Melted. Transmission 69 features tracks from Kaleidoscope, The Velvet Underground & Nico, The Doors and many more. Big thanks to Dj Lazy Lasagna for swinging by the studio, sharing some grooves and shooting the breeze.  Mars Melted is rock n’ […]

Chris Whitehall of The Griswolds called in to KPSU for a chat on “All the Singles, Ladies“. Chris and I focused on their new album High Times for Low Lives, and their upcoming tour with Dreamers on the “Low Lives Tour.” We also talk about shampoo and how frequently Chris washes his hair, upcoming music from Magic […]

Welcome to the fifth episode of Portland’s home for proggy, trancey, deep and techy dancefloor rhythms! PlayCast is the official podcast for Portland’s top promoter in trance, house and techno! Feel free to check our regular page out at Hear new episodes FIRST at every Tuesday between 2pm-3pm (PST) ————- This time we open […]

Mix 51! New music this week from Flor, Great Good Fine OK, and Andrew McMahon Follow the social type stuff: All the Singles, Ladies – Twitter |Facebook (Photography) | Facebook (show) | tumblr | Instagram | Soundcloud | Other Podcasts KPSU – Twitter | Facebook | tumblr | Instagram| Other KPSU Shows

  Turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream. Trip out on a new year here on Mars Melted! Episode 68 features tracks from The Doors, Nancy Sinatra, The Limiñanas and many more! Mars Melted is student powered rock n’ roll radio, broadcasting live from the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union every Thursday […]

Trivia Questions: SPORTS: Who won the 1st Heisman award and what year? ENTERTAINMENT: The first color movie and what year? SCIENCE: What other inventions did Benjamin Franklin do and how many? HISTORY: How many slaves and trips made in the underground railroad by Harriet Tubman? GEOGRAPHY: Where was the first recorded earthquake and what year? […]


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