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  Episode 11 lacks a theme, but makes up for it in quality and quantity. 18 gorgeous antiques and curiosities in less than 50 minutes, all soaked to the bone with vinyl crackle, nocturnal ambiance, and pop sensibility. It’s what our show is all about! (Note: The show proper begins at around two minutes into the file, so don’t […]

Jan 24,2017 Part 2 from 9:00-10:00 pm            

Mix 52: New music from MUNA and The Maine. – Joe Hernandez (@atslfm // Host of KPSU’s All the Singles, Ladies)   Find past shows on Soundcloud, and follow the social pages: Facebook (Photography) | Facebook (show) | Instagram   The Maine is John O’Callaghan, Pat Kirch, Kennedy Brock, Garrett Nickelsen, and Jared Monaco.

This is a younger version and in college at COCC I didn’t start until 10:08 pm

This is the younger of me and going to college at COCC

  We made it to our tenth episode, everybody! Time to get REAL. The first half of our show is dedicated to leather-bound, cigar-chomping daddies everywhere: we love you! The second half is all for one very special daddy: Papa Karl.

Listen to Juice and Shannon from the 5th Ave Cinema talk about an artist talk with Matt McCormick on Jan 20, their screening of SLC Punk! on 35mm next weekend (Jan 27th), and chihuahuas.

  Molly chillin

This is one of my cats, “Molly”


Have a great radio time!

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