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I came in around 04:38-5:00

Got started at 10:15 to 11:00 PM

Sure We Got Time is the 23rd. episode of The Shower Hour based off the minute made decisions of DJ Niko   Check out this link for the Shower Hour facebook page for up to date posts on new programming and content. Hey everyone, The Shower Hour has had some technical difficulties lately. But not […]

Wade through those April showers here on Mars Melted! Episode 77 of Mars Melted features tracks from Sugar Candy Mountain, Swim Mountain, Kikagaku Moyo, and many more!

This was a roundtable event hosted by Jim Whinston Nathan Jimenez Mary Bowers Ron Peterson Jeff Armstrong

Here it is! The sixteenth edition of Upside-Down Underground! This week started with Marina and the Diamonds and transported  me back to high school through the present (listen to the actual podcast for more details). 2 songs from one artist, that was the line-up…. The story was funny, I laughed when my dad first told […]


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