Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 by Spokane Andrew

Fun week this week! We brought in Samantha Shay and Nini Julia Bang of the local Source Material Collective to talk about their upcoming multi-disciplinary theatrical shows A Thousand Tongues and I Should Have a Party for All the Thoughts I Didn’t Say. We got a taste of the former, which is built around Bang’s compositions influenced by world music and singing, as she performed the track “Kalimanko.” Later on, we even got recommendations for our show from Sam, who spent time with an Icelandic record label and artist community!


Here’s a crummy picture I took.

Unfortunately, our recording software was down, so we don’t have a podcast this week. However, Sam and Nini’s work can be found at and





  • Maps
    The Snake the Cross the Crown
    Cotton Teeth
  • The Cave
    The tiger is in the window
  • Sea Island Murders
    Sea Island
  • Kalimanko
    Nini Bang
    A Thousand Tongues
  • Theory of Machines
    Ben Frost
    Theory of Machines
  • Whitecaps of White Noise I
    Tim Hecker
    Harmony in Ultraviolet
  • Whitecaps of White Noise II
    Tim Hecker
    Harmony in Ultraviolet