Posted on Friday, August 21, 2015 by Joanna

Hey listeners!

On last week’s episode of The Muse In Music, I dissected the rosters of two of my favorite West Coast labels, Hardly Art in Seattle, WA and Burger Records in Fullerton, CA. Despite my inability to fully explain in words at the moment, there’s some sort of new riot grrl-esque movement occurring here on the best coast, from up here in the Pacific Northwest to the tips of the southern deserts. Rather than in-your-face spitting and aggressive punk, there’s  a push for more breezy, surfy girl bands that kick ass without necessarily needing to take names. Anyway, here’s my attempt at sharing my observation.





  • Point of Being Right
    Shannon & The Clams
    Gone By The Dawn
  • Like Gangbusters!
    S (Jenn Ghetto)
    Cool Choices
  • Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine
    La Luz
    Weirdo Shrine
  • Some People
    Colleen Green
    I Want to Grow Up
  • This Is Anarchy
  • Slut
    Chastity Belt
    Time to Go Home
  • Real Boy
    La Sera
    See the Light
  • Indian Burnout
    Pearl Charles
    Pearl Charles EP
  • Impossible Love
    Sarah Bethe Nelson
    Fast Moving Clouds
  • Sugar Coated
    Jessie Jones
    Jessie Jones
  • Wander
    The Aquadolls
    Stoked On You
  • Windows Down
    The Eleanore Sessions
  • Demons
    Summer Twins
  • Dance Just Like Annette
    A Date With Bombón
  • Luz Bruja