Picture Perfect Part 1: Tactical 30 September 2017 S3 Ep1

Written by on October 5, 2017

Picture Perfect Part 1: Tactical

Hello and welcome to the third season premiere of The Shower Hour! I am your host DJ Niko Treecko Frappuccino and I play my show every Saturday evening. This hour program consists of a variety of artists, mostly pulling from the Hip Hop genre’s finest minds both old and new.

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Check out the link below for the program, below that will be song links alongside my comments on why I’ve chosen them for this particular Hour of musical Shower.



DJ Khaled seems to always find a way of getting the right heads together for a solid single, no matter what time of year. This summertime ode to love not only reminds us of the relevancy of Bryson Tiller, but also affirms what we already know about Rihanna. Her delivery and charm are exceptional, making anyone by comparison look like an amateur. The Santana riff ties the beat together as the foundational glue, and I could not think of a better producer than DJ Khaled to revitalize this gorgeous sound.



My roommates happened to have the Red Light District album on vinyl, and stumbling upon this single after hearing it in Tropic Thunder brought back the visceral pleasure I got from it. Such hot, much flavor. “Caught him with an uppercut, kicked him in his ass!”



There are a multitude of Hip Hop origin films out there, the one I hear about the most being 8 Mile. Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ makes 8 Mile look like a prepubescent white boy’s wet dream. This film has punch, it has character. It may be sparsed with fiction here and there, but it feels more real than Eminem’s ‘love-making’ scene with Brittany Murphy. Seriously, Em, get over yourself.





  • It Ain't Easy
    Me Against the World
  • GOD.
    Kendrick Lamar
  • Congratulations (Remix)
    Post Malone
  • Patience
    Young Futura
    Patience - EP
  • Wild Thoughts
    DJ Khaled
  • Overdose
    King Iso
    Flatbush Zombies
    3001: A Laced Odyssey
  • Gods, Earths, & 85ers
    Poor Righteous Teachers
    The New World Order
  • Keep It Real
    Good Vibes LP
  • The World Is Yours
  • Tres Leches
    Big Pun
    Capital Punishment
  • Hustler's Ambition
    50 Cent
    Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack
  • Stay Fly
    Three 6 Mafia
    Stay Fly
  • Get Back
    Red Light District
  • Insane in the Brain
    Cypress Hill
    Black Sunday

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