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Jeff started broadcasting at KPSU in 2008 mixing hour long ambient/electronic songs together and that's what he's back to. The Mean Glean as a show has incorporated movie soundtracks, spoken word, political lectures, news briefings, live readings and his own music from time to time. A history major at PSU, Jeff is still trying to work out how radio can deliver history as a useful, and accessible resource for people beyond just entertainment and without resorting to indoctrination. Mean time, the mean glean drives down the middle of what Jeff is collecting and gathering up. I studied theory for a couple years and compose classical and electronic when I can. Still like playing occasional old labor songs and jazz. the show has seen a lot of changes. The experience of broadcasting in live time rather than making a playlist for someone or a podcast for a website offers the chance to be surrounded by a professional atmosphere with an established center of resources and contacts. It's also a very welcoming and supportive place for students and community members to find out what kind of music they like and what kind of person they become as a host of something. The team that this forms by momentum and creative energy feels incredibly vital.