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Hello! My name is Ian Uponen, I'm 23 years old and currently studying music here at PSU. My show, Ian's Hour of Musical Power, has graced the airwaves of KPSU for over four years now (since early 2009). I love music more than anything in the world and am a seasoned musician myself.

I wanted to make a radio show that would celebrate the true, absolute power that music holds. I play tracks that have influenced me emotionally, spiritually, and/or musically and talk about how/why they have done and continue to do so. I also play the best NEW MUSIC every other week. I typically have a theme other weeks, but sometimes I neglect to think of one and just play whatever I feel like.

But it gets boring riding solo ALL the time...I'm definitely open to guests coming on my show with playlists of their own and talking about why they selected those songs, what they mean to them, etc, as well as having bands on my show to perform live, play some of their recorded tracks, and/or just talk about whatever!

SO! If you'd like to be on my show, feel free to contact me at ianshour@gmail.com or find my Facebook fan page (search "Ian's Hour of Musical Power"; it should take you right there) and contact me there. And don't forget to "Like" it! I'm also on twitter at @ianshourofpower, so follow me!

Thanks for listening!