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DJ Jake is a graduate student and teacher at Portland State University. He loves music, old cars, and long walks on the beach. He hopes to someday play Sasquatch in a made-for-TV movie about his life. He once visited a foreign country, has tried squid, and enjoys his favorite television family, The Blunzes. Jake hopes that someday he will actually get paid to do something for a living, because sleeping under a table in the radio station just isn't quite working out. Jake's favorite magazines are Women's Day, Parade, and Boosh. He often daydreams about being the sixth Jackson, and currently has an application in at Friendster. If he weren't here, Jake would prefer to be elsewhere. He is also a level 6 barista with +2 cup points. Jake's favorite fruit pie flavors are mangomint, cherrysparagus, and turkey. (Not necessarily in that order.) He hopes to someday climb a hill, where he will claim it for his own country, The Sovereignty of San Manzana de Porpoise. The currency of his country is currently the acorn, though there are hopes to eventually bring Post-Its into circulation. He hopes you enjoy the show.